Manufacturer Defect Policies

The following are the known policies and procedures for manufacturer defects on products we sell. This is not a comprehensive list, please contact us at if you have a defective product not covered below.

Wizards of the Coast (Magic Sealed Product and D&D Books)

  • Contact WotC through their Customer Service page (link is for their Product Replacement Policy).

Asmodee Group (Board Games)

  • Contact us at to open a return. Asmodee deals with defects at a retailer and distributor level.

KMC North America (KMC Sleeves)

  • Contact us at to open a return. KMC North America deals with defects at a retailer level.

The Pokemon Company International (Pokemon TCG Sealed Product)

  • Contact TPCi through the form they indicate on this page (link is for their Card and Parts Replacement Policy).

Games Workshop (Warhammer)

  • Contact us at to open a return. Games Workshop plc deals with defective products bought at Stockist stores such as ours at a retailer level. This includes Special Orders of otherwise Webstore Exclusive products.

This page last updated: 26 Jan 2023