XCC RPG: Xcrawl Classics Complete Collection

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Goodman Games is delighted to present the Xcrawl Classics Complete Collection. This bundle includes everything you need to star in the highly entertaining—and lethal—livestreamed sport of Xtreme Dungeon Crawling—Xcrawl! Pit would-be star athletes against parachuting velociraptors, karate dragons, and more for fame, fortune, and lucrative sponsorship deals. 

The Xcrawl Classics Complete Collection include the XCC core rulebook, seven adventure modules intended for PC ranging from 0 to 5th level, a judge’s screen, and Xcrawl reference book with all the information you need at your fingertip. Xcrawl Classics is a complete RPG with new classes, spells, monsters, and more suitable for populating your Xcrawl campaigns. Xcrawl Classics is 100% compatible with Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, meaning it’s a snap to use material for one game in the other. 

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