DCC Dying Earth: #10 Passage to the Manse of Erudite Wonderment

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Goodman Games is proud to announce Dungeon Crawl Classics Dying Earth #10: Passage to the Manse of Erudite Wonderment, the tenth adventure in their DCC Dying Earth product line. In this adventure, the party must survive a perilous journey across the wilds of the Dying Earth to the enigmatic home of one of the world’s last magicians. Along the way, they’ll have to overcome dangers both magical and mundane, not to mention the inter-party grudges!

DCC Dying Earth #10 Passage to the Manse of Erudite Wonderment was inspired by the DCC Dying Earth team’s visit to the home of Jack Vance wherein they enjoyed the opportunity to view the famed writer’s personal possessions and speak with his son, John Vance, about his father and his fantastical work. It is intended for 2nd-level DCC Dying Earth characters.

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