One Piece CG 3D2Y Starter Deck (ST-14)

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A Starter Deck with a Post-Summit War Theme!

This deck showcases the Straw Hat Crew and their two years of individual training following the Summit War! In addition to members of the Straw Hat Crew, this deck introduces new Characters, such as Haredas and Heracles!

Build a Black Deck That Controls Costs!

Packed with cards that perform best with high-cost allies!

Increase the cost of Characters on your field to unleash an imposing new tactic that will shake up gameplay in the ONE PIECE CARD GAME.

Everything You Need to Play, All in One Product!

Comes with 5 holographic cards! Leader cards are holo+textured foil! Newcomers can easily pick up the ONE PIECE CARD GAME with this product! Cards from this deck can also be combined with previously released cards to build a variety of decks!


  • Constructed Deck ×1   (51 cards)
  • DON!! Card x10
  • Playsheet x1

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