House Stark Umber Greataxes

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A trait that is often undervalued in war is flexibility. Sure, an army needs its specialists. Ones who can lead a charge, or hold back an assault, but a Unit that can do a little bit of everything is priceless when they step onto the field. The Umber Greataxes are that Unit for House Stark.

-This unit combines mobility, defense, and fearsome weaponry to make them one of the most versatile and deadly forces in the game.

-When using the Mighty Cleave attack, the Greataxes force their opponents to roll additional Defense Saves on failed rolls

-Many of the more traditional Commanders will find themselves unprepared for the Greataxes’ tactics, and the longer the battle goes… the stronger they become

-Not a standalone product. A copy of the Song of Ice and Fire Stark Vs Lannister starter set is needed to play

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